Jerome Russel Punky Colour – Platinum Blonde Toner

A woman working at a local store called Trivium had the most beautiful and pure white hair that I’ve always been dreaming of having myself.   The kind of white that you’d only see those rare lucky girls on the Internet having.  I was on a mission to purchase some pink hair dye (pastel pink hair soon to come!), but couldn’t help to wonder how she got her hair so white.  She handed me a small tub of Jerome Russel Punky Colour in the shade Platinum Blonde Toner.  I could not resist.


The application was quite easy and pleasant.  The product has a lovely smell of grapes, so you even get your dose of aromatherapy in the process :D

I mixed 1 part conditioner with 3 parts product – and good thing I did, because this bottle was simply too small to do all of my hair.  My hair is not even shoulder length, so you would need a couple of these if you have longer hair.  I mixed the toner/conditioner in a bowl and applied it with a product brush on dry hair (as per the instructions. Normally I would apply toner to towel-dried hair), and massaging it in slightly.  Sure, I should of did my roots at the same time, but I really didn’t feel like it tonight.

JeromeRusselPC_PlatinumBlonde_before     JeromeRusselPC_PlatinumBlonde_application

Sorry for the yellow-toned images, I hate my bathroom lightbulbs!

The label says to keep the product in for about 30 minutes.  However, after 30 minutes my hair did not change colours at all, the product just seemed to have thickened and started to dry.  Perhaps this was because I added a little conditioner (improbable) or because I originally really needed more product (more probable).  Strongly recommend getting one bottle more than you’d plan on using.  I have read online comments that you should leave it in an hour to get a good result…


The final result was quite deceiving.  It toned down the brass by 50%, but no signs or traces of the white I was going for.  On a good note, it did not damage my hair very much.  Nothing Moroccanoil couldn’t quickly restore!  For $15 (you can purchase it online for $8.99), I think I’ll stick to my beloved Wella T18.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This dye will only tone hair that is bleached.  See my article How To Get Platinum Blonde Hair for everything you need to know to achieve this color at home.

I rate this product 2/5, simply because it DID give out a platinum blonde hue as the name says.  Nothing close to what was visually advertised on their website though… I will not be purchasing this product again.



I am still looking how to achieve WHITE hair!  Got any tips? ;)  If someone tried this product and had positive results, let me know!


6 thoughts on “Jerome Russel Punky Colour – Platinum Blonde Toner

  1. Hi! My friend has the white hair we all can only dream of and she found that going from blonde to white was easier using Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo :) I duno if it’ll help but just an idea you could try? :) x

  2. First of all, Punky hair dye (and toner) has to be applied in its full concentration to work. Secondly, it has to be put on DRY hair that has been previously shampooed, otherwise it won’t really work. Thirdly, your hair has to be a pale banana yellow to go white.

    Things to remember for next time.

  3. Hi! So I see your pictures and well, I made the same mistake before (: this stuff actually can work miracles- if used right. Like, of course, 90% of hair dyes out there! Don’t add conditioner to the toner, the toner is very light to begin with hence why it’s a toner so adding the conditioner will make the toner do little to nothing to your hair. You also want to have bleached hair, not blonde hair from box dye because bleach strips hair color, box dye adds. I say either shampoo (do nooot condition) the day you go to use this ooor don’t wash your hair for a couple days then use this. Idk I say either or cause it really depends on someone’s hair type in order for that to help with the toner/color in general. And you have to have your hair completely dry in order for it to work, your hair has to be completely dry for any hair dye to work (except Adore semi permanent hair color for some reason !??!) but yeah I recommend doing these things next time you try this toner. I really think you should try it again though I believe it helps :)

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