Moroccanoil Light – Just for Blondes!

I’m sure you heard all the rave about Moroccanoil and the lustrous, repairing effect it has on your hair – I sure did!

My hairdresser has warned me about using (regular) Argan oil on blonde hair since it is know to leave a brassy tone.  That was bad news; I mean we work so hard to neutralize that brass out of our locks!  Argan oil has wonderful benefits but I did not consider it an option for that reason.

Morrocanoil LightThankfully, Moroccanoil came out with a special formula just for blondes!  Three months ago I’ve bought my very own of Moroccanoil Light – just for blondes.  And I’m loving it.  Let me clarify that this is not a sponsored post.

You can use this on wet or dry hair.  Personally, I use one pump of the product, rub my fingertips together and apply it lightly on the ends of my hair after having blow-dried it.  It does not weight it down, feel oily or greasy, or give a brassy undertone.  My hair is so soft, shiny and looks so healthy.

It repaired my dry dead-ends and helps lengthens the time between haircuts.

There is a slight smell to it that is not unpleasant.  On my hair however, it smells clean and wonderful! :)

I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to get that vavavoom hair.

Moroccanoil’s regular treatment is also available, and it treats any other hair colour.  You can purchase it on their website


Did You Know?

Argan oil (we’re talking essential oil, not hair-formulas!) also has other benefits.  Briefly, here as some of them:

  • Skin: anti-aging, heals and soothes many skin ailments (chickenpox, acne and eczema are some of them), repairs scar tissues;
  • Medicinal: shown to have anti-cancer properties, helps block cholesterol absorption in the intestines, anti-inflammatory.

It is a true must-have in every house.  Argan oil gives you a radiant shine inside and out, from healthy hydrated glowing skin to shiny lustrous locks.   Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some of this nutty-tasting oil in your salad!


Have you tried Moroccanoil oil – or any other Argan oil?  Let me know what you think of it!


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