Product Review: Clarins Daily Energizer Cream


This is my favorite moisturizer.

I use it in the morning to brighten up my face, after my shower, and when I feel too lazy to apply a primer, this cream does the trick pretty well. I love it’s subtle fresh scent of tangerine, it’s like spreading happiness on my face.
I have combination skin, and this cream evens out my complexion flawlessly. During the harsh Canadian winter (that I’m forced to endure), I have dry spots on the bridge of my nose and around my nostrils, I simply apply this cream and voila! it never failed me – and prevents any further dryness as well.

When I look for a moisturizer, I like it light, oil-free and with a pleasant fragrance that doesn’t remind me of the smell of my shampoo or chemicals.  Clarins Daily Energizer Cream fits the bill perfectly.  With it’s cream-gel like consistency, it does not leave my skin oily, gives a nice finish, and absorbs in my skin fast. Great for the morning when you want to apply your makeup and get out the door as soon as possible!

This cream is made for younger skins. It has no anti-wrinkling or age-defying effects.

This moisturizer sells for $25 (Can) for a 30ml bottle. I use my moisturizer everyday, and it lasts for half a year if not more. You can see this and order product online on the Clarins Website.

Ingredients (taken from the Clarins Website)

Combination of vitamin C, alchemilla and turmeric extracts: energizes skin and helps reduce minor imperfections.
Ginkgo biloba : boosts microcirculation and enhances skin radiance.

I plan on keeping this as my one and only moisturizer. Try it, and you’ll fall in love :)
Let me know if you’ve tried it and how you liked it!


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