How to Grow Your Breasts Naturally

Yes girls, really. If you’re one of them ladies (like me) that have been *cough* ~blessed~ with the petite bust, you might want to seriously consider this.
I have been researching different breast enlargement possibilities for a compilation of probably over 1000 hours. I’m not too fond of the plastic surgery option (Although physically appealing, the price, the pain, the side-effects, and the fact that you have to change them every 10-15 years isn’t.) They recently came out with the costly stem-cell breast enlargement surgery, but they only bring you up 1-2 cups…and you can also achieve this naturally! Keep reading.

First off, my story. I’ve always been small-busted, and after breastfeeding well… we all know what happens. Beany Nipples. Lovely.
Secondly, let me state that I am no doctor, and that I am simply sharing my researches and personal results. Always contact your doctor if you have any health concerns, if you are breastfeeding, or have any questions. Always read the labels to make sure the herbs will be right for you.

Natural breast-enlargement can be achieved with regular breast massages and natural herbal supplements containing Phyto-Estrogens (estrogen naturally found in plants). Really, it’s that simple. I compiled many information from all over the web of women that have tried, and achieved, 1-2 cup size enlargement with this natural method. I decided to give it a try half a month ago, and i’ve already grown half a cup (AND I have to admit that I not been consistent with my massages and supplements) Let me give you the information on what I’ve been doing and what worked for me, as well as positive results to many women out there.

What Ive been doing

You can enlarge your bust size by about 1 cup (I’m already Imagehalf-way there! :D) by massing your breasts twice a day.  Rub your palms together to create warmth, place them on your breasts and rotate them towards the middle of your chest. Your rotations should last 2 seconds, and do them for about 15 minutes, or 300 rotations.
I also found that massaging the sides, upper and lower tissues independently in addition to the full breast rotations have been very beneficial. Always rotate TOWARDS the middle of your body. I am not sure if this is true, but apparently rotating towards the outside decreases your breast size.

Fresh FenugreekI take fenugreek capsules 2-3 times daily. “Fenugreek triggers breast growth in two ways: by mimicking the effects of estrogen and by stimulating the production of prolactin. Both of these hormones are crucial to the development of the breasts. Fenugreek safely and naturally stimulates tissue growth resulting in bigger, firmer, and fuller breasts.1”
I found that fenugreek also changed the smell of my body odor to a sweeter smell. Not complaining! :)

Fennel Seeds

Lastly, I drink Fennel seed tea as often as I feel like it, usually once or twice daily, or every two days. Fennel seeds have been proven estrogen level-boosters. You can also use fennel seeds in cooking.

These three combined have brought me half a cup size in half a month. Note that taking the herbal supplements alone will probably not increase your breast size, since massaging your breasts increases blow flow to it’s tissues and seems to be crucial to achieve any results. When you buy your herbs, make sure they are good quality herbs, preferably organic. Check out your local organic food store!

My Tips to You

  • Be patient! Results won’t show overnight. Many women give up because they do not see results after 2-3 weeks, sometimes ever after a month. Keep going, never give up. Give yourself 2-3 months.
  • I cannot guarantee that this will work for everyone, but it worked for me. Fenugreek capsules cost me 12$. Fennel seeds are very cheap. Massaging is free! Is it worth a try? Definitively.
  • Once you have achieved your desire cup size, keep going for 2-3 months to make your results last – or never stop! Massaging your breasts is healthy and recommended for every woman.
  • Do not switch herbs often. Stay constant for a minimum of two months, and then try something else if you feel what you have been using doesn’t work for you.

Other Herbs and Foods Recommended for Breast Enhancement

I have not used these herbs, but many sources claim them to be very beneficial in natural breast growth.

  • Red Clover
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wild Yam
  • Flax Seeds
  • Soy Beans (beware of GMOs! Always buy organic!)I will be posting an update of my results later on.Have you tried any natural breast enhancement techniques? What are your results? What did you use? What do you think of them? Let me know!
    Happy breast-growing to all! :) 

155 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Breasts Naturally

  1. Hi, guys.

    Thanks for the info. It sounds interesting. I hope it will work for me, too. :) I’ve only found fennel (BIO) for now. I will try find fenugreek, too. I massage my boobs, too. LOL

    I’ve got a question now. I kept reading a lot about these seeds and saw that fennel kills the appetite. I wouldn’t want this as I am quite slim (50 kgs for 174 cms). How was it for you? And how much tea do you think is appropriate for one day. I read as well that there is evidence its consumption in greater quantities can have undesired effects (babies can die if they are breastfedi by moms drinking a lot of it).

    Thanks again.

  2. Well let me tell ya, I know the feeling of rocks in a sock kinda breasts. Had them too…well so true….massages are essential to breasts tissue growth. You can work out like a mad woman but if your aren’t massaging your breast than you won’t see any difference. Since breasts are all tissue and fat and not muscle….exercising will strengthen the muscle behind The beast tissue but won’t actually help enlargement. Anyway I actually drink certified pure therapeutic grade fennel essential oils with warm water everyday. I also drink proteins!! And believe it or not….Also use a good scrub on the beast for exfoliating the skin. …..Also a buggy do not wear a bra too big or too small….you can go into victoria secret and get measured for the right size. If you wear a bra that doesn’t support your breast….they will either be hanging and sang more or they will be so tight that they will effect your growth. ..anyway push ups are pretty good for support and lift…..One thing I also learned is not to slouch. Keep you shoulder back and let your breast tighten. ….easiest thing to do!! Lots of water!! And you will see a change in a few months….well at least for me it was a full month. I’ve grown half a cup but will continue to try these techniques. …

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    • There should be directions for intake on the packaging.
      I have 610mg one’s and you are supposed to take 1/2 capsules three times a day
      read the packaging and it should say the advised intake.

  4. Thank you so much for this, it really has already put me out of my misery that there are non-surgical lifts for breasts- they really aren’t preferred by me- and that it’s so easy to achieve. Thank you!
    I just want to ask a question:
    Are you supposed to massage your for fifteen minutes per breast, or is it fifteen minutes for both breasts?

  5. I really appreciate this article. I’ve been looking into cosplaying, but the pics of other cosplaying girls look… flattering. And I can’t help but feel insecure about my own girls.

    I’ve been reading the comments section, and there’s been a lot of talk about turning the herbs into a paste to massage with. How often do you have to do that? And how often you do have to take the pills or drink the tea? (Do you have to drink the tea? Not much a tea fan…) Like, if you keep this up for about a year, you wouldn’t grow more than the initial one or two cup sizes, right? But if you stop, the sizes will stay?

    Sorry for all the questions.^^

    • The pills 3x day unless otherwise advised (again, it’s always safe to check with your physician if you are taking other medications to avoid potential side-effects, or if you have a medical condition). Drink the tea as much as you want! :)

      Will the sizes stay? I think this varies per person. Only way to know is to try it out yourself.

      • I have increased my cup size to a 42c using fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel and red clover in capsule supplement form. I also massage my breasts (inward motion as you suggest, )using tea tree oil. This has resulted not only in size increase, but fuller breasts. It really works :)

  6. Hello, I don’t get how you do the breast massage. Is it counter clockwise for the left breast or something? Could you please explain the the massage by using clockwise direction?
    Thank you :)

    • From your standpoint (not the standpoint of someone facing you), your left hand on your left breast would go clockwise, and your right hand on your right breast counter-clockwise.

      • We have had tremendous success with the right hand on the left breast ANTI-CLOCKWISE, and the left hand on the right breast CLOCKWISE. the left breast massage must always be anti-clockwise. If you perform the massage differently, YOUR BREASTS WILL SHRINK IN SIZE as you are transferring fat from your breast tissues to your back. Please be aware of this. Try to brush, bring fat from your back to your chest. Also, you can use sage essential oil mixed with almond oil (10 drops, 50 ml of almond oil) or (geranium and ylang ylang with grape seeds oil) for quicker results. AVOID, DO NOT MASSAGE YOUR NIPPLES OR AREAOLA. These tips were taken from Dr. Michel’s website.

  7. i hve need of this medicine but how much it coasts and if it really works i m hapy to buy it hope u hve used it but i have tried many oils but wastage of mony no any result if it works well i wil thankful

  8. Some studies shows that it is possible to enhance the breast naturally .Rather going for cosmetic surgery you can opt for natural methods like exercises and special food supplements which are useful.

  9. I love and really gained from these tips, however, if you are a female and you are reading this article right now, do not go for breast enlargement surgery. It will hurt you at the end

  10. This is great information and helpful tips. Going natural is always the best option. Tried this for the first time and go this really warm sensation on the breasts after the massage – is normal or its been over done?

  11. First off I would like to say awesome blog! I had
    a quick question which I’d like to ask if you do not mind.

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  12. Have you considered Sprouting the seeds? I’m thinking of sprouting and adding them to my salads everyday I just believe since the seed is growing with all the life force it may have greater effect and benefits

  13. its saw palmetto berries not the herb and wild yam and flax seeds increase ur breast size but also massage ur breasts between 1 am and 5 am thats when ur prolactin and progesterone lvls are above average

  14. Hi read your post and it is very good. I have small breasts and have been massaging then with oil regularly as well in an attempt to make them grow. I have been massaging for the past 5/6 weeks but I have skipped three days. Two days a few weeks ago as I wasn’t feeling well and yesterday. I had gone somewhere and was simple too tired. So does this mean that all my effort has gone to waste. Has skipping three days made a big difference?

  15. ok I have a question I read thay for fennel seeds you could also fry them in oil until they turn red? And then you could massage your breasts with it has anybody tried this or no this is the right way to do it?

  16. hi , i would like to ask you about the massage. does it mean we cupped our breast and make a circular motion or does it mean make a circular motion around our breast with our fingers? thank you

  17. I’m a 36 and my breast are a 32 cup but most my life they have sagged n when i bend over they look so nasty because of the sagging. I just started fenugreek tablets twice a day. I also massage them twice a day. Seen u say use oil. Can i use cocunt oil will that work. Does it have to have the fenugreek oil? I’m on a very fixed income. I just want to feel like a women n not hate my body. Im a abused women n having a better chest would help me. I hate watching tv n women have the perfect chest. I can’t even wear a top with no sleeves because chest is so saggy it wouldn’t stay up. Please let me know if i can do more.

  18. I am confused about how you need to massage your breast and I don’t want to do it until am sure because some articles say if you do it in the oppose te direction your breast will decrease instead … I have made a lot of research about this topic and not all of them say the same thing about how to massage your breast ex) otherside say that for your left hand clock wise and for right counter clock wise and others say that for your left hand counter clock wise and for right hand clock wise so I don’t know which is the right way am confused on this can some one please explain

  19. I’ve been using Fenugreek Seed capsules daily since November, 2014. There have been times that I’ve used them combined with Fennel Seed capsules & times where I just used Fennel Seed capsules alone because of affordability. However, both herbal supplements worked and continues to work beautifully for me. When I first tried Fenel Seed, I administered them 3x’s a day. The third day of taking them, I felt flushed and I felt a weird sensation in my breasts. Then I combined them with Fenugreek Seed capsules which in no time my breasts got heavy & sore but it felt really good. When I stopped taking both, I deflated. Now I use either one or the other and I know that I cannot continue to stay in my 36C bra when my breasts are overflowing. Since November of last year, I’ve increased my intake of Fenugreek Seed to 2 every 8 hours. The drawback of Fenugreek Seed is the maple syrup smell which is why I switch up to Fennel Seed. Too much of that smell turns my stomach.

  20. I am a male to female transgender that has recently developed breasts within the last year. I am now living full time 24/7 as a woman since I retired from working as a male. I have contracted gynecomastia. I first noticed my boobs growing not to long after I started living full time as a woman. I was using attachable via medical grade adhesive, realistic lifelike breast forms for my boobs and the adhesive would last for a few days. I was changing my breasts forms and doing some cleaning, shaving and maintenance on the areas of my chest and I noticed a little swelling on the area that my breast forms covered. I could also feel a little soreness in those areas. This went on for about a month and each time I changed my breast forms I noticed a little increase in the swelling and the soreness and tenderness was not going away. It took about a month and I finally realized I was growing and developing boobs! Before the start of my living as a woman I did start taking some female hormone supplements, Estro-Fem along with a couple of other supplements. I was already eating a lot of soy products such as soy burgers, tofu, drinking soy milk and other estrogen boosting foods such as a handful of walnuts daily. I am not promoting the use of this but marijuana also elevates the estrogen levels in the body. I smoked pot when I was younger but quit for many years because of drug testing in the work place and I did need to work to pay my bills. Once I retired I started smoking pot again but mainly it was for the feelings of femininity and womanliness that it used to give me before. I never got any physical effects from it when I was younger because I still had enough testosterone in my body to counter any feminizing features but mentally it did make me feel like a female. As males get older their testosterone starts to diminish and all males are born with a certain amount of estrogen. At my age, I am a mature woman, and with my diminishing testosterone the estrogen became the dominant hormone in my body. As a result I developed gynecomastia which is female breast development in genetic males. Most males this condition is unwelcome because no masculine male wants female boobs. In my case I considered it a gift and was very thankful for it. I have been doing things now to promote my breast growth. My doctor gave me a breast exam and confirmed they are female breasts and referred me to a women’s health clinic for mammogram to confirm. I did this and was ecstatic when I saw X-ray pictures of the inside of my boobs and saw my mammary glands and milk ducts leading to my nipples. When I explained to my doctor what I had been doing he confirmed that I was doing things that would cause my gynecomastia. The marijuana of today is a much stronger and potent variety than it was years ago and that probably aided my gynecomastia. I still have my male genitals down below but having boobs makes me feel so much more like a woman. They are new growth and are like the breasts of a teenage girl or young woman and are firm with a nice natural hang to them. I am currently a B cup but am about to go into a C cup. I am just proud to have something of my own to put in a bra cup! Now I know first hand just how important a woman’s breasts are to her!

  21. Great info. I got hold of some Fenugreek powder and make tea and a massage paste. I have only used for two days and am sure I can see a difference already! After breastfeeding 3 kids my boobs have vanished. I wear a 34A bra at the moment. My left breast was (at a guess) a whole size smaller than my right, so day one I only massaged my left using the proven technique along with my fenugreek paste. At the end of day one (cup of fenugreek tea on an empty stomach in the morning, massage with paste twice a day) my left side definitely feels a bit tender and heavier, and seems to fill my hand more when cupping it! Day two I did the same but both sides. I intend to do this until I feel the left has caught up in size with the right then I’ll do both sides every day. I was very skeptical about natural remedies but I’m rather happy with my almost instant result and this has given me the confidence to carry on in hope that I’ll reach the size I will feel happy with 😊

  22. Okay, so I am definitely considering teying this but say I reach my desired size, and continue massaging do I continue to take the herbs constantly at a lower dosage or every couple months or is that unhealthy?

  23. I’ve just read your article and the comments below, this sounds very promising and I’m happy to give this a go! I’ve done the massages and feel the blood flowing through my breasts already, which is good I guess! I’m currently 34B (no kids) I’ve been that size for the last 15 years and they haven’t grown at all, it’s always been a dream for me to be C cup size so I do hope this works as I really don’t want a surgery at all!! I will be getting the herbs/food/supplements sometime this week.

    The only thing I’m worried about is, how will this end up looking in the long run? They may grow but in what way will they grow? Will they still remain to be pert and rounded or will they end up becoming droopy because of the pressure we’re putting on the tissue, or how we may be stretching the skin as we’re massaging them so often? (I hope this makes sense!) How long have you been doing this for? How have they been looking?

    Is this also a permanent thing? What was it like when you hadn’t done it for some time? Did they stay the same shape or did you find them shrinking?

    • “Drooping” is the result of years of gravity + loss of elasticity of the skin. Every woman should moisturize from a young age and keep going throughout their life in order to help prevent such loss of elasticity.

  24. All the things that nyxiies wrote about do work. I was already doing pretty much the same things as she recommends and they have worked for me also as they have for her.This is an update from 8/31/15. As I wrote before I am a M to F transwoman. I have had my natural hormone induced boobs now for a little over a year and they are currently between a B and C cups. My band size for my bras is a 38 so my bra sizes are 38B or 38C. My B cup bras which are my full coverage bras, I am getting a little overflow or boob spillage over the edges, actually bulging over the edges maybe from wearing to small of a bra. My C cup bras are my cleavage bras and those are push-up or demi bras and they now do a nice job of giving me a natural cleavage for low cut dresses and tops.
    Even at my current age (in my 60s) my breasts are still firm and have a nice natural hang to them with hardly any sagging to them. That might be because they are new breasts and still growing.
    I have progressed deeper into my womanhood and femininity and having my boobs makes me feel more feminine and womanly. During my my life as a female I have fantasized about getting pregnant and being a mom and nursing a baby from my breasts. Awhile back I fantasized about lactating and the desire got so strong that I ordered some equipment that might aid me in developing a milk flow. I ordered a Medela electronic breast pump that lactating mothers use to bottle their milk for their babies. It took a while but it worked and with the combination of hormones I was taking and the breast pump I started lactating and producing milk in my breasts. I loved the way my boobs looked all swollen full of milk. My then at the time boyfriend but is now my legal husband was sucking milk from my boobs for me and I bottled the rest. Since I have been living as a woman and I have always passed as a woman, we started selling some of my milk to parents with newborns that wanted natural breast milk for their babies. Some of it we just gave away free to low income couples and single mothers. We have stopped now because I was producing too much milk and we did not know what to do with it. We have had recent requests for my breast milk and I might start lactating again. I do enjoy helping the low income couples and single mothers feed their babies. I did like lactating and being milked using my breast pump machine and the fullness it gave to my boobs when they were full.
    Anyway as I started out to say is nyxiies methods do work as they did for me. My doctor told me that it also took my HRT and estrogen and progesterone supplements and diet to help make me lactate. I do also take a testosterone blocker Spirnonolactone (Spirno) to keep my testosterone levels down.

  25. Okay so I’m trying these methods that I red about but I have a question I’m on Xanax 2mg will that effect the fenugreek flaxseed and fennal from working on improving my breast with exercise??? Cause by breast became small after breastfeeding my son for about 2 months he is now 16 months and my breast still haven’t came back so I’m trying this remedies??? Just need to know if it’s even worth putting the effort in to it if the Xanax is a problem??? Please give me a response ASAP thanks…

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  27. Hi I was just reading this and really want to give it a try but I have one question, do you have to keep drinking the fennel tea, taking the pills and massaging your breasts to keep them enlarged, if you stop doing these things do your breasts then decrease in size? Thanks! :)

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  29. Hello its me.. I just wanna ask a question about intaking soy milk and soy protein powder.
    So i do this twice.. One cup of soy milk and one scoop of soy protein eveyday. If i stopped taking them will my breasts stop growing??

    • Hey girlfriend…I am a transwoman that is successfully developing growing breasts naturally with diet, supplements and massage. I am currently in between B and C cup. I have not used soy protein but do drink soy milk as part of my diet and I eat many soy products.
      I do not know if your boobs will stop growing or not if you stop doing what you are doing so I can’t answer that.
      I eat other things that promote my estrogen levels to make me a feminine woman with breasts and a female butt and make me more feminine overall. I also take estrogen supplements….Good luck, girl.

  30. Do I have to take fenugreek forever in order to maintain my results? What can I do to have permanent results? After I reach my desired breast size should I keep lowering the dose slowly to maintain permanent results?

  31. Greetings,I”m lara from brazil but i base in califonia(USA)I’m happy today because i have gotten what
    i have always wanted. I came across DR.Zubia who have changed my shape to what it is today. I want to
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    come to know after taking his herbs that they are natural with no side effects he is the best
    herbalist I have ever come across in my life. When i first saw this i never believed it was real till
    I start seeing the changesin my body I am saying a very big thank you to him where ever he is.You can
    contact him I know he also enlarges buttocks and breast

  32. This is an update since Sept 5 2016. I’m still doing whatever I can to promote my breast growth and development. I am now fully into a C cup and naturally. My boobs are hormone induced. When I first started living full time as a woman (again) I contemplated breast augmentation because I did not know for sure if they would develop or not and I did want D cup jugs. I was advised to wait for about 1 year to see how my own breasts would develop before I considered a boob job. What I have now is natural and I am glad I waited and I am content with my C cup boobs. They do bounce, jiggle and sway as natural breasts should. I do pass as a woman and being that I have my own real female breasts I am confident to try on my bras I buy when I go shopping. My areolas also grew with my breasts as they developed and now have areolas almost but not quite big around as silver dollars. My nipples also became larger and about as big around as a dime and stick out about 1/4 of an inch and a bit more when erect.

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