Platinum and Blonde Hair FAQ

After creeping (lol) a couple sites, I made a compilation of popular questions women – and some men, I suppose – were asking the net about blonde/platinum hair. Enjoy!

  1. Q: Can I buy a drugstore box bleach?
    If you want to achieve platinum hair, you want as less damage possible to your hair. Drugstore box bleach tend to be much more damaging and don’t put out as well as professional, salon-grade bleach. My answer would be NO!
  2. Q: I bleached my hair and it’s brassy! Help!
    Go to a beauty store and purchase Wella Toner in T18, and a 10% Developer. Mix according to the box (usually it is a 2 parts developer for 1 part toner). Wet your hair, towel dry, apply the mix and let sit for 15-20 minutes. If your hair is really brassy let it sit for 25-30 mins. Rinse.
  3. Q: Any tips on how to keep my hair brass-free between my roots and toners?
    Invest in a blue/purple shampoo, and use it whenever you feel you need to neutralize the brassiness. You can use it everyday, but beware, your hair start to become silver or with purple or bluish shades :P

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