My Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus

These wonderful woman brighten up my mornings and feed my bottomless hunger for beauty, hair and makeup tips.  They are in no specific order. Check them out and subscribe :)

  • Nicole Guerriero Nicole Guerriero
    She is such a beauty! Always smiling, funny, with a modern taste in beauty and fashion. I love her makeup tutorials and her reviews help me discover new products. Every young woman should be following her channel!
  • JLovesMac1 JLovesMac1
    Aah Jarmaine <3 If you’re looking to put a smile on your face, she will never fail to deliver. Great makeup, product reviews, hair care, fashion and fitness videos, with a twist of humor that I simply adore!
  • ThatsHeart ThatsHeart
    She is such a cutie, with a wonderful smile :) Beauty, fashion and home decor tutorials that inspire with a pretty, classy kick!
  • LoveMelisaMichelle LoveMelisaMichelle
    A young mother of twins with tutorials and fashion looks to fit the modern woman. She also features how to make looks with drugstore products and reviews them, perfect for the girl who wants look gorgeous without spending a fortune on makeup!
  • MichellePhan MichellePhan
    I find she has such perfect looks for the working woman, as well as some beautiful date-night for those who like to keep it clean, simple and beautiful! She has been on my favorites list for years now!

I’m always on the look for new channels to follow. Leave a comment if you have a spot spot for a guru!


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